Coggins Wallcoverings
Wallpaper and Wall Coverings for South Carolina Homes & Offices
        Color. Texture. Form.
                    Beautify Your Home or Office.
                                       Coggins Wallcoverings

Nothing spruces up the interior of your home or office like a new wall. Wall coverings make your wall surfaces clean, attractive and bright.

Coggins Wallcoverings can give your home or business the fresh new look you’ve been craving. We specialize in the installation of traditional wallpaper, grass paper, fabrics, screen prints, commercial prints and much more.

Our services include:
  • Wall covering estimates
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Wall preparation
  • Drywall repair
  • Wallpaper installations
  • Interior painting

The Wrong Way The Coggins Way
Misaligned patterns Professional alignment for a beautiful finish
Crooked stripes Crisp, straight lines
Loose seams Tight, barely discernible seams
Bubbles & Wrinkles Smooth paper for a distinctive look
Excess paper at edges Neatly trimmed top & bottom edges
Excessive adhesive Carefully measured adhesive /
excess adhesive wiped off